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How Can I Crack Office Live Password?

Nowadays, more and more people use Office Live Workspace to help their work. People can feel free to open or edit a file from virtually wherever they are online. As a result, their work become easier and easier. We know it is necessary for us to apply for an account in order to login the website, so, password is also necessary and very important. What if some day you've lost your Office Live password? Would you like to crack your Office Live password from your PC? In this guide, we will learn how to recover your Office Live password with the best Office Live Password Cracker - Password Recovery Tool, which gives you a satisfied solution.

Actions speak louder than words! Let's download this program and try to start cracking Office Live password right now, right here!

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Step 1. Install The Tool And Select "Password & Key Finder"

Download and install this Office Live Password Cracker on your computer. Launch the program and choose "Password & Key Finder", and then click "Password Finder" to go on.

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Step 2. Select The Type That You Want to Crack

Now, you've come to the Password Finder interface, many password types are listed in the following, here, just choose the first one: Windows Live ID ( MSN/ MSN Mail/ Hotmail/ Windows Live Mail/ Office Live/ Xbox Live/)Password, and then click the Next.

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Step 3. Write Down The Password You Need

The program will automatically scan the account type that you've selected just now. All the recoverable account and password will be displayed in the panel in seconds. What you need to do now is just to click the Export to write down the password.

Done! Do you still have any doubt about how to restore Office Live password from your computer? Don't you think it's very easy to operate? Please don't be hesitate to download this multi-functional software to your PC and try to crack your passwords of MSN, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo! Mail etc. immediately!

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