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Reset Windows Auto Logon Password

Nowadays, people are likely to set an automatically logon password for their Windows computer. However, it is very easy for us to forget the auto logon password since we don't use the password often. Once we can't remember the Windows auto logon password, what should we do in this case? Would you like to know how to reset Windows auto logon password?

download windows auto logon password recoveryWell, is it possible for us to recover Windows auto logon password? The answer is obvious! Now, let's learn together how to crack Windows auto logon password with the best Windows Auto Logon Password Recovery - Password Recovery Software. With the help of the program, you can easily recover passwords of Windows auto logon, Windows Live ID, Gmail, Hotmail and more. Furthermore, you can recover almost all data from your PC that you've deleted or lost by accident.

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Step 1. Run WinSuite 2012 And Select "Password & Key Finder"

Install the amazing Windows Auto Logon Password Reset on your computer, then launch the tool and choose the "Password & Key Finder" from the top menu to start your work.

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Step 2. Choose A Proper Password Category It Belongs to

Well, now you've come to the Password Finder part of the WinSuite 2012. You can see there are many different categories in the list. You need to choose the sixth one: Windows Auto Logon Password ( for Windows Logon Password ), after that, simply click the Next.

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Step 3. Write Down Your Windows Auto Logon Password

The program will automatically start scan the part that you've selected in step two. When the scan result has come out, you will see all the accounts and passwords displayed in a list, including your Windows auto logon password, kindly please write it down on your notebook, one thing you need to pay attention to, that is make sure you've put it in a safe place, and don't forget it again!

What is the next?

Don't you think it is very easy to hack Windows auto logon password with this tool? There are many other amazing functions you may need in your daily work. So, why not consider downloading such a multi-functional software to your computer and let it be your helper? Take action right now!

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